Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Interview with Baltimore Artist Angela African Sand Stained Glass

Round Amber Stained Glass Panel
Stained Glass Business Card HolderAmber Stained Glass EarringsStained Glass Candle Holder
Editor: I found this artist online, saw she was on Etsy and was living in Baltimore and just had to have an interview. So I give, the amazing artist, Angela. Enjoy!

How you got started?

I started working in stained glass after I took a class in 1997. It was that class that lead me to the realization of my passion which I now pursue full time.

How you selected your name?

I chose the name African Sand because I have always, in my creativity,
been influenced by the diverse African culture. Whether I'm working in
ceramics or glass, an Afrocentric theme is ever present. This was no
different. That is the African part in my name. 

After thinking and thinking the name came to me one morning. Glass is made from sand. The name was easy to say and it felt good.

Describe your studio.

My studio is in the basement of my home. It is finished with knotty pine
paneling, which gives off a warm glow. I have a table for designing,
cutting and foiling. Another table in the corner has my grinder and my
main table is where I solder on one end and clean the finished pieces at
the other. Most of the time its an organized mess and that's how I feel
comfortable working.

Talk about your work.

My work has evolved a lot since I first started. In the beginning all I made were panels and then jewelry boxes. Now I make business card holders,
candle holders, paperweights, sun catchers and jewelry. Working on various
items keeps me from getting bored. I also love custom work because I'm
bringing someone else's vision to life instead of my own.

Where you sell?

I sell from my website and my Etsy and ArtFire shops online. I have sold
at craft shows but stopped when the economy slowed down.

Obstacles you have faced.

One of the main obstacles I face from working at home is trying to be
super focused because of the many distractions. (phone ringing or people
stopping by because they know you're home, noise)

Good things that have happened.

Having customers from all over the world and being recognized for the quality
and uniqueness of my work are two of the main things that have happened
since I started this online journey. Surprises like this interview or
invitations to craft shows that pop up in my email from time to time, are
also good things which makes what I do worthwhile.

Contact Information:

Website: www.africansand.com
Etsy Shop: www.africansand.etsy.com
Email Address: angela@africansand.com

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