(I'm the guy kneeling down holding the chiwawaaa! Football Sunday in Baltimore!)

Well, my names Brandon, I run BC as a young writer and editor.
I live in Baltimore, and see much potential in the surrounding artist.
I write allot, but I also sew, sculpt, paint, sketch and more.

I also run Fosters Monsters, where I sew monsters and more from recycled fabrics and clothing.

Why did I start BC?
Well, I noticed there was a select group of artist being glorified vs. smaller artist I meet everyday, who deserve the same shot. I'm talking about Baltimore Craft Mafia and B.E.S.T.
Don't get me wrong, I love both of them! But I want to give smaller artist a chance to be known to. A FREE chance, because paying to be in a craft group drives my nerves high.
I wanted a place, where local artist could find people just like them, and maybe help drive an amazing friendship.
BC is growing rapidly, and everyday I have more views then the last. Thank you, Baltimore.

If you have any questions, I check etsy often:

or email me at BaltimoreCraftesians@Gmail.

Totes! Brann

Some of my stuff
Monsturo the monster plush. Bloody, teeth, scar, goth, heart.Mini Ninja plushesStach-o-pus plush.Monster Jellie pocket mouth plush w/ scull patternFlip kicking Ninja pocket plush toysMonsturo the monster plush. Bloody, teeth, scar, goth, heart.