Friday, May 27, 2011

Interview with Baltimore Artist, Karamae from Fake ID Jewelry

big resin cocktail ring - Pachysandra
cast resin loop necklace - Toadstoolgraphic big resin glitter rhinestone cocktail ring - Dots and Linesreflector and cast resin cocktail ring - Unlistedbig glitter cast resin cocktail ring - Pleiadescast resin cocktail ring - Atlantic Coastblondes pin-ups picture bubble bracelet

How did you get started?
 I'd been working with Envirotex resin as a coating for many years, and
always sensed that resin had wider potential than as a tabletop coating.
When I saw some (completely unaffordable) resin jewelry in a fashion
magazine, I began working towards the goal of creating such things.

How did you select your name?
 I've had an adult-life fascination with ridiculous teen shows and movies.
I used to talk about doing a zine about it, called Fake ID. Instead I
decided to brand my jewelry that way. Or attempt to.

Describe your studio.
 My studio is a horrifying hazardous mess and I need to clean it up. Its
full of failures, unfinished pieces, dust from sanding, and tools.

Tell us about your work.
 I've become generally interested in polymers, "plastic." The idea of
everyday materials as disposable.. as we all know that has become very
harmful. Sometimes I feel conflicted about bringing more of these materials
into the world so I like to stress their significance and reverse the concept
of throwaway plastics to eventually extend to the world around us... all the
packaging and broken parts. More and more I have been experimenting with
incorporating existing objects into my jewelry. (eg the reflectors) I am
not so assuming as to pretend that I'm saving significant quantities of trash
from the landfill but I do aspire to demonstrate a sense of beauty about

Where you sell, why do you sell their? (web/real life)
 I have sold at craft fairs and online. I probably won't do many more
craft fairs because there is so much jewelry out there. Besides, I am not
very personable.

What you are doing now, where do you want to take this business
 I would like to organize my creation and selling process and basically
create objects than can attract serious collectors of jewelry, as well as
offering more affordable pieces for fashionable types.

Any obstacles you have faced?
 The saturation of the jewelry market is really the biggest obstacle, but
I can't think of anything I prefer making! Technically I'm always finding
obstacles and overcoming them.. currently i'm tackling some mold-making
issues for larger pieces. I don't have the vacuum equipment to perfect
everything the way I'd like.

Good things that have happened?
 The best thing that happens is when someone buys or acquires a piece and
seems to appreciate it on the same level that I do. Handling the jewelry
during the whole process is somewhat intimate so I always hope that the
pieces will be loved.

Bad things that have happened, what did you learn from them?
 Bad things... I was polishing a ring in a room with a concrete floor and I dropped it and it cracked. I've learned to not freak out too much, things can be fixed, re-made... at the time I'm making it every piece feels like the best thing I've ever made and irreplaceable like I somehow got lucky. Got to get over it.

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