Friday, December 2, 2011

Christina Coffman, handmade wreaths.

Holiday at the Beach
Traditional Holiday Wreath with Plaid Tartan Bow and PoinsettiasTraditional Williamsburg WreathFrosted Leaves and Poinsettia Wreath
signalmountainwreathBlue Christmas
Editor: " You'll love this story, it's about an amazing woman and some amazing will power to stick with wreath's. The wreaths she makes, may I say, are beautiful."

My upcoming show is this weekend, Saturday, December 3rd at the :
Gary J. Arthur Community Center at Glenwood
2400 Route 97, Cooksville, MD 21723
Take Route 29 north to Route 70 West to Route 97 South for about a mile, and you'll see the center on the right by the library.

What is your favorite thing about the holidays?
My favorite thing about the holiday is getting together with my kids and husband. The turkey for Thanksgiving and then the day after, my daughter and I go get the tree and trim, not only the tree and mantle and deck outside, and start putting up our village of over 20 houses and scenes from the past - tradition and holiday music are what I love the most!

Why do you make wreaths?
I not only make wreaths, but also make many other items with flowers, silk and fresh. Everyone loves wreaths and I believe they follow the seasons of our life. A Spring wreath to say, "It's time to come out of hibernation", a Summer one to say it time to get out in the sun and play, Fall brings beautiful colors and wonderful changes in your life, as well as the trees, and finally, Winter says it's time for cleaning house and putting the garden to bed and welcoming Tradition.

How did I select the name of my business?
This was easy. I grew up on Signal Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee. My mother was a horticulturalist and my father loved all things natural. On the weekends, my mother and I would go hunting for wildflowers in the mountains and also naturalized ten acres for their homes. My parents died suddenly, two weeks apart. My mother of cancer and my father in a fire that destroyed our home. When it came time to name the business, it was very easy - Signal Mountain Wreath Works - in honor of the gifts of nature my parents gave me.

Describe your studio.
Right now, it's my dining room floor as I prepare for the show this weekend and a storage bin! We are going to be moving up to Monkton, Maryland in the Spring to a very old house that has a little work spot for me. I will have a store for anyone to come and watch, take lessons or just pick a few posies.

My work?
Interesting questions. I've been in the corporate world for over 20 years, and no matter what I do, I find a way to incorporate flowers. My friends have always said, "Quit and make wreaths, design landscapes and sell flowers, you love it, it's you". So I decided to do what they say. As in my profile, I wrote about a lady that was dying of cancer at a show in North Carolina who said "do what you love and love what you do, and then handed me a bunch of lavender tied with a pink bow" - that was it! My husband and I decided to do just that and we will be traveling the country to shows. If anyone has any suggestions for great shows, I'd love to hear about them.

Where do you sell and why there?
My son, who's an Industrial Designer, told me about Etsy and I started a shop there. The operative word is "started". I've been so busy that I haven't had the time to fully utilize it's power to share and sell. My feedback has been great and I will be giving my full attention to that after my show this weekend. I also sell to everyone who asks for anything - I decorate houses for events and the holidays, design gardens, and do work for all requests if I can. I just had a request for a baby announcement wreath for a boy - pale blue hydrangeas with a silk bow - simple is best sometimes.

What am I doing now and where do I want to take my business?
Right now I'm putting the final touches on 200 wreaths for the show on Saturday and all that goes with it - displays, giveaways and waiting for my daughter to come into town to help. She's earning her Masters as a Physician's Assistant on December 15th - you can tell I'm an unbiased mother! As I mentioned before, when we move the plan is to have a little house, stone if we can find one, and work on my wreaths and have people come to visit.

What obstacles have I faced?
For now, preparing for a show I just found out about a month ago, making the necessary number of wreaths I need and finding the materials I need. I have the love and passion to design - wreaths make themselves. I see ribbon, make a bow, and then the wreath tells me where to go, whether it be traditional, victorian, modern or whimsical - it's amazing.

What good things have happened?
The love and support of not just my family, but all of my friends who are so glad that I'm finally working on what I love - all things green and beautiful!

What bad things that have happened and what have I learned from them?
Time management - especially with this show. I always push myself too hard. I'll have to work on that - again - after the show. My hope is to work on my Etsy Shop and have time to prepare for the coming of Spring.

Thank you for the opportunity for this interview. You may find me on Etsy, and on Facebook under Signal Mountain Wreath Works or by my name, Christina Coffman.

My upcoming show is this weekend, Saturday, December 3rd at the :
Gary J. Arthur Community Center at Glenwood
2400 Route 97, Cooksville, MD 21723
Take Route 29 north to Route 70 West to Route 97 South for about a mile, and you'll see the center on the right by the library.


  1. Personnel opinion, this is one of my favorite reads ever. Now that's the heart of a true artist.

  2. Thats my mom for ya! I hear these things on a daily basis and am so glad that she now has the opportunity to be heard by others. Wreaths, flowers, and decorations have always been apart of the Coffman household and now can be apart of many others.