Friday, December 23, 2011

Some advice about self promotion. Via A Ghouls Best friend.

John Waters with Flamingo Ring

A self promotion story from Sara, Baltimore artist.:

My name is Sara and I am the shop owner of A Ghouls Best Friend. One of the things that I was told about Etsy is that since there are so many sellers on the site it can be somewhat discouraging to keep going when you don't see a lot of sales rolling in. I wasn't going to let that stop me. I wanted to be one of those sellers that hits 100 sale in their first year, not 20. I took it upon myself to find ways I could promote my shop. I have done everything from joining Etsy teams and making a Facebook fan page to putting bumper stickers on my car wearing my own items in public. All of this has not only help me hit my goal of 100, but break it, and only a month after celebrating my first year I am less than 10 sales away from hitting 200! I have also been asked to vend at several events, have my items sold in shops in Baltimore and Provincetown, RI, and have had my items in an Australian fashion show. I am always pushing myself to come up with new ways to promote myself and I have also started to help promote others as well. If I could say one thing about what I have learned from being a shop owner it would be that the best promotion is self promotion! While it may take some time and thought, it will be worth it in the end, besides, who will look out for your best interest better than you?

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