Monday, May 23, 2011

Defeating, your inner critique.

Believe Sitter Sign, Faith, Hope, Inspirational, Motivational
Picture by Baltimore Artist: icehousecrafts

Your inner critique. You wake up feeling you need to sew, paint, draw, write, but, that inner critique tells you your a failure, you can't draw, write, paint, sew. Other people are WAY better then you. Your not in the situation to step up to the plate. No way, no how.
What is it? A disease thats swiping the county? In your genes? Maybe its true??
Well its no disease, it doesn't get passed down, and I doubt its actually true.
So... What is it? The inner critique? That beast that fight you every day.
Its a part of life, I'll tell you that, and it's always waiting to take a blow to your stomach. Maybe someone rudely makes an un-needed comment, your items are not selling, your competitors are beating you. It's just waiting for that trigger.
So... What can you do? What can WE do? Well, we can all learn to shut that inner critique up together. Thats what.
If you wake up, feeling the need to write, sew, draw, paint, anything! Then it's meant to be. If the thing that pushes you to do it, is you, then its meant to be and you shouldn't let the critique repeatedly get at you.
If it wakes you up, consumes you with happiness and your head says go go go! Your on the right path.
I mean, maybe as a full time artist, you may not be lit-up by everything under the stress of paying this moths rent, but it's still the same. You didn't get there just to be put down.
Its the inner critique, we all have it, just shut him up, and keep going.

Your amazing. Remember that.


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