Sunday, May 22, 2011

Interview with Sarah from TeaCupAdventure

Braided Headband in Turquoise
Sarah from Tea Cup Adventures on Etsy, is a talented knitter here in Baltimore. She creates stuffed creatures, accessories and patches. I truly love her monsters. Heres what she had to say in the interview...

How did you get started?
 I've always been a crafter and an artist. I used to sell duct tape wallets and capri sun purses back in middle school (a bit embarrassing now!), and by high school I was selling a few hand knit items. I opened my etsy shop my freshman year of college.

How did you select your name?
 I knew I wanted something catchy and a little bit cute that could also be applied to a blog and a general brand. I actually wrote lots of ideas and different words I liked on post-its and kept them up on my wall for a week or so. I just kept arranging them until I found a combination I liked! 

Describe your studio.
 My roommate in my apartment has been nice enough to let me take over part of the living room as my craft corner. I can't tell you how nice it is to have a space to work after making things on my dorm room floor for so long! 

What you are doing now, where do you want to take this business?
I'm currently an object design student at Towson University. Since I'm going to school full time, as well as juggling several jobs and an internship, my etsy shop is unfortunately not always my first priority. I'd eventually love to make it more of one, releasing new lines each season. I'd also love incorporate my newly-honed metalsmithing and jewelry skills.

 My biggest obstacle was just getting started! I was really intimidated by the whole idea of creating a shop. 

Good things that have happened?
 I always love when someone buys one of my items internationally!

Must buy! How can we contact you!?
My etsy shop url is, and my blog You can also reach me by e-mail at