Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wonky Dawn

Christmas Mustache coasters
Pac Man ornament setHappy pills ornamentsRubiks Cube ornaments 6pc
Rubiks cube tissue cover plus bonusTetris ornaments 7pcSanta Mario ornamentTetris tissue topperSpace invader magnets1up earrings

I am a crafty mama of 2 awesome kids. My husband came up with my shop name, Wonky Treasures. I'm know as Wonky Dawn to all my friends so I wanted to have wonky in there somewhere. It's one of my favorite words & I'm a little wonky, so it just fit. 
My shop is filled with mostly random handmade items, whatever floats my boat that day. I work with plastic canvas, duct tape, bottle caps, recycled game pieces I find shoved in the couch & bead work. Most of my items are for the nerdy big kids at heart. Old school video games & retro cartoon items are my specialty. 
I would love to sell enough crafts that I can make a real living on. Right now I have my etsy shop & I sell on ebay & to my friends & family. 
My dream one day is to have my own spot in an actual store. Right now I'm taking over the dining room table, calling it my studio. I'm always dreaming of a zebra print craft room with space invaders on the wall. The coolest thing so far that's happened is that I got an order from an actual comic book writer to sell my space invader bottle cap necklaces at the comic book convention. The writer even gave me a shout out on her website, awesome. 
The only bad thing is keeping up with my rubiks cube tissue box orders. So many orders, so few hands.

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