Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Antique Wooden Honey Brown Judge's GavelRare Antique Linguaphone CaseAntique Italian Deer Pipe Holder
I got this in my mail today...


Thank you for including my shop in your blog. It's so lovely to have the support. For my inclusion I'd like to send to you and your readers at 10 percent off coupon code. By typing the word thankyou in the coupon section of my check out you'll receive the discount.

Thanks again and I will be sure to keep checking your blog in the future!

Let me know if I can provide you any additional info or if there are any issues related to the coupon code.


Well, thank you Krystal! So there you have it, 10 percent off coupon code. By typing the word 'thankyou' in the coupon section when checking out in Krystal's shop.
Heres her link,

P.S. I plan on interviewing her soon, hopefully! Stay tuned Baltimore!

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