Friday, May 27, 2011

8 Websites small business owners should all have

With social media at it's highest and only continuing to skyrocket, you really to catch on when trying to sell anything. Here are my top eight websites, you should at least have as a crafter, artist, designer, seller, retailer, anything that sells!

The benefits of having a Facebook business page, is everyone uses Facebook! Sometimes getting the message out is a little tricky, but all the same when inviting your friends and asking them to invite theirs. Facebook can connect to other sites as well, it has hundreds of apps for your page just waiting!

2. Twitter
Allot of people don't have a twitter, those people are missing out of hundreds of thousands of followers! Twitter is by far, the easiest way to get yourself out there. You just gotta sign up and start talking, complaining, enjoying, or just plain old writing about your item! It's where people learn about you. And people love you! So, sign up for twitter and tweet all day.

Google Mail is the best and easiest Email service out there. It can be hooked up to tvs, phones, anything that rings! And its just plain old professional looking. So sign up for this simple Email provider using your business name, and you have a business Email! Simple.

4.Deviant Art
People don't think DA when they think business, when they should. Every picture you upload, even armature pictures, are shown and noticed by at least a dozen people. I have never uploaded a picture and not gotten a comment or two. It also plays role as an artist blog. Not to mention the thriving community waiting to click 'watch' on your profile and receive all your art as you upload. Sign up for DA.

Flickr is like an artist Photobucket  , its very easy to add photos, its professional, you can add tags to get found, and share pictures with Flickr links.Upload all the pictures you want and keep them safe on Flickr, who needs a memory card? Its also an online gallery for when showing off your stuff to possible clients. So sign up.

6. YouTube
People absolutely don't think YouTube when they think small business, when you should. Video is the best way for people to get to know and see you and your product. Sign up, and begin making videos and you'll be making tons of sales. Plus if you go viral you can add Ad's on your videos. More income for you! Sign up.

7. Etsy
If your on here you might have or know what Etsy is. Etsy is an online crafting and artist community. It's like Ebay but strictly for crafts, arts and vintage. It also can be hooked up to other sites such as facebook, myspace, myyearbook, your own site and anything else with html! Sign up. No really I mean that, SIGN UP.

8. Your own website.
If you don't already have a site, your passing around business cards with a long link that no one wants to type in. You can have an Etsy and hook it up to your site.
Website providers I recommended are, Wix, and GoDaddy. Try wix forst of course. Its so easy and very pro and has HTML.

When you have all these sites set up, you should write them down on a todo list so you know to update everyone AT LEAST 1 to 3 times a day. You are your best advertisement my friend, and having 8 sites, is like having 8 hooks in the water. Your bound to catch a big fish, just use the right bait!

Happy web surfing.

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